Manly EagleTag Insurance Information

Manly EagleTag are covered by insurance for medical injury. Insurance does not cover loss of income. It is advised that all players have Private Health Insurance.

In case of an injury please follow these steps:

1. Make sure your injury has been reported to the referee at the time.

2. Send an EMAIL to Competition Management reporting your injury and any further details that weren't given at the original time of the injury

3. Contact the Manly Eagle Tag Insurer
Policy # PMEL99/0120741
Sportscover Australia Limited
Level 1, 271-273 Wellington Road
Mulgrave, Victoria Australia, 3170
Telephone: (03) 8562 9100
Fax: (03) 8562 9111
Email: [email protected]

They will send you the relevant paperwork to complete. We will have a section to complete. This can be emailed to us for completion or brought to one of the venues on a competition night.

Players are not eligible to claim insurance if:
1. Player does not have an EagelTag Registration Number
2. Player has not registered and paid to play
3. Player is not on the Team Registration Form
4. Player did not sign on prior to taking the field
5. Player was not injured during game 

Any questions please EMAIL US